Research priorities for an HIV cure: IAS Global Scientific Strategy

An HIV cure is a high priority for people living with HIV and an essential tool for the HIV response; a curative intervention could overcome the limitations of antiretroviral therapy (ART), limit new HIV transmissions, reduce stigma and discrimination, and provide a sustainable financial solution for end the epidemic. In December 2021, the IAS published the IAS Global Scientific Strategy 2021 to guide the field toward a widely accessible, acceptable and affordable HIV cure. The webinar aims to summarize the latest on HIV cure research, as well as guide participants through the strategy and translate it into action.

19 May 2022

Sharon Lewin

IAS President


Deborah Persaud

Deborah Persaud

Johns Hopkins University

HIV cure in the news: Stem-cell transplantation in a U.S. Woman of Mixed Race with AML and HIV-1-The “New York” Patient

Steven Deeks

University of California San Francisco, USA

Research Priorities for an HIV Cure: IAS Global Scientific Strategy

Simon Collins

i-Base, United Kingdom

Community involvement in the IAS Global Scientific Strategy: resources for advocates

Cissy Kityo

Joint Clinical Research Centre, Uganda

Global Research Collaboration for an HIV CURE: The way forward